Tencent Dialogue: Tencent Dowson Tong Dialogues with Nobel Laureate Angus Deaton

Tencent Research Institute, CSIG (Cloud and Smart Industries Group), and Tencent News jointly launch the first phase of the Tencent Dialogue on April 28, with the theme “Digital Economy and Social Well-Being under the Coronavirus”. 2015 Nobel Prize winner Angus Deaton and Tencent Senior Executive Vice President Dowson Tong will engage in a dialogue on global economic development, the use and impact of digital technologies, public policy, and governance in the post-emergency era.

Blockchain fully Embraces the Industrial Internet

Tencent has officially released a new book on industrial blockchain strategy – “Industrial blockchain”. The book co-authored by Dowson Tong, Senior Executive Vice President of Tencent, and President of Tencent Cloud and Smart Industry Business Group, Syan Xu, Jaff Cao and Meng Yan, summarizes the current development of blockchain in terms of policies and technologies, and discusses the current global development trend of blockchain technology and the possibility of landing and applying it in various industries. This book deeply interprets the panorama of industrial blockchain, which is conducive to our deeper learning, awareness, and understanding of the blockchain and industrial Internet. Pony Ma, Chairman and CEO of Tencent, wrote the foreword to the book, arguing that the Industrial Internet refers not only to the information resource networks commonly used in the past, but also to the computing resource networks that can flexibly handle massive amounts of big data anytime, anywhere, and the trusted resource networks that enable deep sharing and collaboration.

2020, the year for Blockchain and Industry Integrating

Can blockchain technology have a disruptive impact on the world’s economic system? It is too early to draw conclusions, but “blockchain, as a new form of techno-economy, is involving different subjects, different cities, different countries, and different industries. From a handful of geeks to startups, large tech companies to government-led public services, and finally to blockchain-trusted cities based on cities. Blockchain applies to almost all application scenarios.” In any case, it would be realistic to think that blockchain technology is beginning to dominate the birth of new industries and transform traditional ones, accelerating the process of the digital economy. Regarding industrial blockchain, the book discusses the deeper reasons for the industrialization of blockchain and industrial blockchain and proposes seven trends for its future that are worth sharing and thinking about.