2019 Research Report on the Frontier Trends of Online Literature and Art

|Internet economy 作者:TRI 2020-05-14

The “Research Report on the Frontier Trends of Online Literature and Art ” was jointly released by the Cultural Creative Development Institute of Tsinghua University and the Tencent Research Institute. The report analyzes the core trends of the online literature and art production from the perspective of the organizational form, content orientation, technical form, and profit model. The core trends of online literature and art consumption are also analyzed from the perspectives of the path and scope of dissemination and from the perspective of user positioning, consumption demand and consumption motivation. Finally, six important relationships for correctly grasping the future development of online literature and art are proposed

Under the guidance of national policies and spontaneous industry actions, online literature and art have gradually stepped out of the myths of “flow is the king”, “entertainmentism” and “technical superiority” on the Internet. It focuses more on the quality of the content and spirits so that values and positive energy are shown in the arts.

From the perspective of content production, the operating threshold for start-ups and SMEs has increased, and there is room for giants to lead in the field of online literature and art. Platform giants will use their abundant resources to catalyze major entertainment IP. At the same time, more and more professional grassroots have emerged, and the production subjects of network literature and art have shown diversified characteristics. In terms of content form, traditional culture nourishes the Internet literature and art more and more. Network literature and art promotes the inheritance and protection of traditional culture while developing itself. Technology, learning, entertainment, and competition are more prominent in the films, animation, and games.

From the perspective of consumption patterns, people are more inclined to consume content that matches their lifestyle. The production of online literature and art will present the lifestyle and attitude of life through literary and artistic works and become a “companion” of consumers’ lifestyle. The circle effect is obvious, and the pursuit of “texture” and “style” of the work is more inclined to “useful” and “easy to use” channels.

The report also puts forward six important suggestions for the healthy development of online literature and art in the future. First is to grasp the balance between culture and technology. The second is to achieve coexistence in cultural value and economic value. The third is to properly solve the contradiction of grassroots nature of creativity and the industrial cultural production. The fourth is to correctly grasp the mainstream value expression direction. The fifth is to coordinate the relationship between “literary and artistic products” and “cultural fast-moving consumer goods”.The sixth is to promote the excellent traditional Chinese culture and express the “commonness of all mankind values”.



2022年,从引爆AI作画领域的DALL-E 2、Stable Diffusion等AI模型,到以ChatGPT为代表的接近人类水平的对话机器人,AIGC不断刷爆网络,其强大的内容生成能力给人们带来了巨大的震撼。