Research on Data Competition Rules among Enterprises

|Law&Policy 作者:余潜倩 2020-04-22

By: Xiaojun Tian| Jianfeng Cao| Kaixin Zhu

Abstract: Today, data has become the core factor of production to promote the development of digital economy, but the unfair data competition among enterprises is increasing, which seriously restricts the long-term development of the industry. From the current situation of data disputes at home and abroad, data unfair competition mainly exists in two areas: data acquisition and data utilization. The digital economy era calls for the establishment of orderly data competition rules, which requires careful consideration and active response on the basis of the current provisions of the Anti-Unfair Competition Law. Maintaining public interests, promoting industrial development and safeguarding the rights and interests of users should be its inward meanings.

Key words: Data Competition Rules;Anti-Unfair Competition Law;Data Acquisition;Data Utilization


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